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Trends in bridal

Bouquets made up of only one
kind of flower. This showcases
the flower's individual beauty.

Monochromatic color schemes.

Letting the stems show instead
of having them completely
wrapped and hidden.

Adding unusual elements to
the bouquet such as feathers,
crystals on a wire, or leaves
washed in silver or gold.

Wrapping the entire bouquet
(not just the stem!) in a layer of
soft tulle for an ethereal
romantic effect.



This will be the crème de la floral crème, coordinating perfectly with the bridal gown, the size of the bride, and overall look and feel o the wedding. If you wish to keep and preserve your bouquet, ask your florist to give you a smaller "throwing" bouquet.

The flowers the bride and her attendants carry can vary room a large bouquet to a single flower. Generally smaller than the bride's, the bridesmaids' bouquets should coordinate with the bridal bouquet. Size and color should complement their dresses as well as the overall look of the wedding. the maid's or matron's bouquet may be slightly different, weather in color or size, in order to set her apart from the others.

Most flower girls wear a delicate wreath and carry a nosegay or small basket decorated with flowers and colored ribbons. The basket is filled with rose petals to be scattered in the path of the bride. If this is prohibited in your place of worship, have her hand single flowers to guests as she walks down the aisle.

Many brides choose to wear lowers in their hair rather than another type of headpiece. Flowers may be worn alone or as a delicate wreath with a veil attached to the back. Make sure they are securely fastened!

Both of your mothers and grandmothers should be presented a corsage to either pin on their dress or handbag. If preferred, they may wear the corsage around their wrist. Check to see which style they would prefer or if a special color is needed to coordinate with their dresses.

All the men traditionally wear boutonnieres, generally a single blossom such as a rosebud or shaft of a liliy of the valley. A new trend in boutonnieres is the use of greenery, grasses, and other botanical elements that are not floral. All of the men's boutonnieres are alike except for the groom's. He wears something a little special. The boutonnieres should be pinned on the left side of the jacket, with the pins hidden.

The first step in deciding on flowers for your ceremony is to check if your church or synagogue has any regulations or restrictions regarding them.

The types of arrangements you choose should be influenced by the size and lighting of the church, the season, and the colors of your wedding. Keep in mind that the purpose of the flowers at the ceremony is to direct visual attention toward the front of the church and on the bridal couple. Therefore, they also need to be seen by the guests seated at the back.

In elaborate, formal weddings with larger budgets, flowers and ribbons are draped down the aisle to mark the pews and add color. When cost is a concern, this is one place you can cut back. Instead, use live flowers in decorative baskets at the Alter, or line the aisle with them. Another cost-saving idea, which can be done if the ceremony and reception are held in the same location, is to use table centerpieces on both sides of the Alter and then bring them to the tables.

In Jewish ceremony, the vows are said under a chuppah, which is placed at the Alter and covered with greens and fresh flowers. For outdoor ceremonies, decorated arches are always popular. Your florist will have some great ideas!

Floral arrangements have the ability to transform a stark reception hall into a warm, colorful room. You may want to consider renting indoor plants or small trees to achieve a garden effect.

When selecting flowers for your reception, keep your wedding theme in mind, as well as the size of the room, tables, and budget. The height of the centerpieces can also be an issue for some. Generally speaking, keep them below eye level, around fourteen inches from the table surface. If you prefer elevated floral arrangements - meaning your reception is taking place in a room with a high ceiling, for example - have the floral arrangements start at eye level and keep them light and airy, not dense, so they don't block people's views of each other.


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